Our Projects


Tops Box

the first-ever innovation supermarket which uses electronic price labels to enhance shopping experience by allowing customers to scan the barcode or QR code and make payment via Application Tops Box without queue up at the till.

CTO Coin

CTO Coin or crypto coin which are employed in Central Group as a reward for employees. It works as a medium of exchange of services, gifts, or other rewards. It can also be used at shops nearby Central Group’s offices.


Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition which has replaced fingerprint scanner and applied in many offices of Central Group.

Smart Shelf

Smart Shelf which is able to give a real time notification when the shelf is about to empty for a faster loading and enhanced operational efficiency.


Smart Temperature Scanner

“Smart Temperature Scanner” – the temperature detection device using high precision face scanning technology from Central Tech. The first Smart Temperature Scanner has successfully been installed at Tops Market, Nang Linchi Branch.