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Alibaba Cloud Infrastructure Provision With Pulumi

Infrastructure as a code is one of the key factors for DevOps. There are tools and applications available to provision infrastructure. Some of the popular tools are Terraform, Ansible. This blog post covers another popular Infrastructure as a code provider named Pulumi.  Pulumi helps developers to get started with infrastructure as

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Inside Amazon Go, a Store of the Future

SEATTLE — The first clue that there’s something unusual about Amazon’s store of the future hits you right at the front door. It feels as if you are entering a subway station. A row of gates guard the entrance to the store, known as Amazon Go, allowing in only people

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Lead Your Business Through the Coronavirus Crisis

The Covid-19 crisis has now reached a new critical phase where public health systems need to act decisively to contain the growth in new epicenters outside China. Clearly, the main emphasis is and should be on containing and mitigating the disease itself. But the economic impacts are also significant, and many companies

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